What does Polymorfo mean and what can we do for you?

Polymorfo means many forms, presenting a multi-discipline-company that can help you find a wide range of solutions to problems in your Data- or Cyber centers. We offer an extensive support network and the knowhow that we have accumulated over the last 20 years in the EMEA field. We are especially good in solving and avoiding problems in Copper and Fiber management. The last 15 years have shown, that fifty or more percent of all data and connectivity problems are caused by infrastructural cabling design flaws, practical installation failures, or connection errors, while Copper and Fiber management represents less than 5% of the budget for Datacenters/Cyber centers.
Polymorfo can save you a lot of money by detecting past mistakes and avoiding new ones, lowering your cost and improving the durability and reliability of your Data- or Cyber center.
Let us help you face the future.

 A winning concept for everybody!

New: Fiber Ducting System

The new generation of Fiber Ducting system of steel ducts and metal drop-off’s

Very much cost saving system and easy to install. No special tools are required.

The new generation of Fiber Ducting system

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